About the community

About the Community

You've read all the industry publications. You're up-to-date with your socials. You've heard the gossip through your WhatsApp group. Now, you can find out what's really happening in the beverage industry at the Kaddy Community. 

Administered by Kaddy.com.au, you'll find that discussions are just the start. News, gossip, industry trends, deep dives. This is the place where you'll come to catch up and connect with like-minded beverage professionals, all helping grow the industry.

But this is more than just a place to find out what's hot or not. The Kaddy Community is where we showcase the makers and the shakers, the small brewers on their way to being bright stars, or the champion distillers who are already killing it. This is where you'll read their stories.

What's more, the Kaddy Commnuity is where you'll also meet the bottleshop owners and the bartenders. You'll hear what's working, what's next, what's out, what's in. You'll feel the pulse and you'll get the vibe, through discussions and insights, about the real drinks world.

Ultimately, if you're interested in the beverage industry, you'll want to check in regularly with the Kaddy Community.

Meet the tribe(s)

Wine, beer, seltzer or all of the above? No matter whether you're a winemaker or a beerslinger, there's a tribe for you, each with their own members, their own discussions and their own focus. All of our tribes are free to join and offer something different, whether it's a place to tap into the latest insights or just somewhere to chat about what's in your glass. Join a tribe and discuss it all today.

Where to start? Here are a few useful links:

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Community editorial policy

While we have a close relationship with the Kaddy Marketplace customers and suppliers, the Kaddy Community sits has an independent editorial focus backed by a policy of transparency. The New to Kaddy section will focus exclusively on products available on the Kaddy Marketplace. You'll also see certain terminology used in opinion and insights articles too:

Featured: These are certain articles and discussions that focus on customers and suppliers of the Kaddy Marketplace. Some might be category or producer focussed, others just a product. You'll see a Featured tag above or below the main copy in these articles/discussions.

Partner: These are features that use content provided by partners from outside of Kaddy and we have limited editorial control. You'll see a Partner tag above or below the main copy in these articles/discussions.

Community user posting policy

To put it simply, let's keep this a friendly conversation, and don't post anything you wouldn't say to another real-life person. Jump on and introduce yourself, have a chat, stay on topic and keep the conversation. Personal abuse won't be tolerated and you'll just be banned.

Do post any commercial posts of any kind without approval from Kaddy. No exceptions. If you want to advertise, contact us and we can help.